What if, after spending so much time building my site, there aren't any or very few affiliate programs for my niche? Would it male more sense to see what affiliate programs exist and then pick your niche?

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Lex666 Premium
You can do some research. I was skeptical that sex toys would have good affiliates when I chose it as my niche. It turned out there’s thousands of affiliates for it. In fact, less affiliates could be better because it means less competition
AparnaBansal Premium
Yeah .... many programs to choose from. So I guess u don't really need to worry. And sure, u can consider how many affiliate programs are there for your niche before u choose it.
But it's not such an important consideration, that it be listed as one of the points for choosing a niche.
Lex666 Premium
That’s true there’s so many.
EmakAmelia Premium
That's why we should do our research first before we decide on a niche and go deeper into the training.
When I first started, I created a mind map for my future content from the niche I choose. I did that before I even decided on my domain name. I want to make sure I have plenty of things to write and won't feel stuck in the future. Also, I know we can't change our URL or domain name once we have purchased it.
I also did a research on how long is a good domain name, etc. That's why it took me 5 days as a starter member before I decided to go Premium.

Then I did Kyle's trick to research for affiliate programs for my niche.
"My niche + affiliate program." I saw plenty programs I can join.

With Jaaxy keyword tool, we can do a research for our domain name, our competitions, etc.
JKulk1 Premium
Perhaps , but there are an awful lot out there.