Is it necessary to fill in the fields like meta description, keywords, etc before I post anything ?

None of my pages or posts are ranked by Google (according to Jaaxy)

Please help ?


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solidbase Premium
My sincere thanks to all those who were kind enough to respond to my question.
Without your help, I will never get this right :(
I appreciate all your efforts !!
WKnoepp Premium
Up to you. I do or don't depending on what I think of my post and what I want out of it. Meta descriptions aren't all that productive.
jvranjes Premium
You are making big mistake. Do not miss to fill in Title tag and meta description. This is a must. Sorry to contradict Kathy, perhaps there is some misunderstanding. See what Loes writes, this is the appropriate way except perhaps tags which is up to you. My list is a bit more extended, so have a look if you wish. So you can go back through your posts and correct things, you will feel differences very soon.
Kathy331 Premium
That's ok! I'm just going by what Kyle was adamant about when I spoke to him in chat.
I now use Yoast and have far better results ranking so I guess its whatever works for you. :)
Kathy331 Premium
Some members do but I've asked Kyle a few times and he says no, the plugin makes a far better job than we do. I answered your other question about ranking, give your site time. :)
Loes Premium