A while back I wrote an article for my website, Affiliate Marketing For Leaders called, The Best Training In Affiliate Marketing That Turns Beginners Into Pros.

When I last checked entering the data in Jaaxy it didn't show. When I entered the data right now I got the #1 ranking in Google, Bing and Yahoo. I have a question regarding how I used Jaaxy.

The Rank Check window asks you to enter your domain name on the right. And the keywords on the left. The right part is a no brainer. However for the left I entered the article title as I have shown above.

Is this a fair way to enter the question requesting entering keywords? Or should I be entering something different like what a real person would use to check for Affiliate Marketing?

I have heard members tell me that entering the keywords I used for the article may not be accurate. What do you think?

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TonyHamilton Premium
Yes Edwin,

that is indeed how it is checked my friend.

When doing keyword research in Jaaxy it will also show the average searches per month - The average amount of traffic expected when you are on page #1 as well as how many other websites rank for the exact same keyword.

"The Best Training In Affiliate Marketing That Turns Beginners Into Pros" has 32 as the average searches per month, the expected visitors being 6 per month and that 8 other sites rank for that exact keyword.

I hope that the explanation above helps you as well as many other new members with the question.

Thank you for asking Edwin,

EdwinBernard Premium
Thanks Tony! I also just read Roberts (boomergp)’s training on this topic. He added a new perspective on rankings are also given for natural keywords in the content. And that if an article is detailed and addresses the subject matter thoroughly, it can even be ranked without a title. What Google is looking for is quality content and judicious use of keywords.

I have a feeling that my article got ranked #1 was the in-depth coverage of Wealthy Affiliate in the article.

I’m going to see if I can use other related keywords and still find my article in the search engines.

Thanks si much for your enlightening answer.

EdwinBernard Premium
When I saw I had 9 responses I was ecstatic, not for long though. You guys burst my bubble lol! I’m happy though I’ve asked a question you all are seeking the answer for.

If I don’t get an answer I’ll write a blog post asking there.

Thanks guys for your interest. I’m not going to respond to each of you individually.

timstime20 Premium
Will be good to know
Mick18 Premium
Good question, I'm wondering myself.
VioletLight Premium
I would like the answer too, thanks for asking Edwin😁