My favorite uncle visited me this morning. We usually talk about business ideas whenever we meet. This morning, there's something unusual that he shared to me, and lighted a fire in my mind.

Prior to his explanation, I was not interested in Bitcoins as most of the friends inviting me to learn Bitcoins are involved in scams. So, I thought Bitcoins are scammy kind of thing.

Perhaps, the one thing that I missed was, Bitcoin is not scam by itself. It's just a currency, and maybe because of its unique features, scammers prefer to transact using Bitcoins instead of the traditional currencies like Dollar.

Through our brainstorming, my uncle has successfully explained to me how does it work. At least, the basics. I initially thought he's going to recruit me into another new MLM opportunity involving Bitcoin, but salute to my uncle, he didn't. He just opened the idea of Bitcoins, and left.

With the new idea sparking in my mind, I am thinking of taking Bitcoins as one of my niche/topics. Actually, what my uncle encouraged me to do is personally invest in Bitcoins like investing in Forex or Stocks. I agree with him, but insisted that I should also choose it as a niche so that I can make money sharing my progress via a blog.

Now, with my decision half final, I'd like to seek the advice or opinions of others here who are knowledgeable about this new system.


I will humbly listen. :)

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LRenee Premium
I think it's an interesting niche. We recently moved to Las Vegas and I see bitcoin machines here and there. I'm not a bitcoin user, but still interesting. A known term, but not widely accepted to the point that it's saturated.

I typed just bitcoin into the keyword tool and got quite a few keywords under 200 QSR.
GomMagtibay Premium
Oh, that was my uncle was saying to me. We both played in a Casino and he told me Bitcoins are now widely accepted in gaming centers, and also, can be purchased in counters there.

Thanks for the hints. :)
WilliamBH Premium
I don't know much about Bitcoins .. I have a read from some of the marketing "gurus" that it is an up and coming good profit Niche. Cheers, William.
GomMagtibay Premium
The reason I asked here is, there's no one in my social circle (friends and family members, except for my uncle) who I can talk to with this topic. Most people, not aware this is happening now in the digital world. Bringing topics like this will just make me "weird" to them.

So, I am looking for people who are "forward thinkers", and can appreciate this new kind of thing (although it's no longer new now).
Heidi56 Premium
count me in, I would like to learn more about bitcoins!
Drgambrel Premium
Well the world is heading to the way of bit coins and other crypto currencies. I think it would be good to have education about them.

Don't know if you would consider seeking out other currencies as well?
Have you checked out any affiliate programs yet?
GomMagtibay Premium
The only one that I think now is, Clickbank, for selling guides on Bitcoins (ebooks). At least, I'd be safe with selling guides, not investment programs, for they are just guides. (And of course, 50 to 70% commission rate via Clickbank).
mickeyb123 Premium
I have to admit that I do not know a lot about bitcoins, however, and I grit my teeth as I am saying this:

The niche that may be the best one for you, as this juncture is:

How to notice scams dealing with them, what these scams are really trying to do with you and your money and some of the programs you can get into that are NOT scams!

I check a keyword phrase in WA keyword tool and got:

are bitcoins scam searches 48 competition: 7
bitcoin scam alert searches 136 competition: 59

Something there?

GomMagtibay Premium
Thanks, Mickey. So, possibly I will use your search results in some of the posts I will be making.
wealthmagic Premium
Yes, it's true. Scammers are having a good time using their program as a legitimate bitcoins platform, only to disappear after stealing the members' money.