I started a new website to go through the Affiliate Bootcamp training. I picked the niche of stay at home moms. But as I have progressed through the training I am stuck. The training talks about writing reviews. But I'm uncertain about what I should write reviews on. I thought about writing reviews on scams so stay at home moms don't fall prey to them when they are trying to make money online. I also thought about writing reviews on different ways you can make money. As you can see, I'm having a hard time finding a direction. Should I stick with this niche or pick something where it is easier to write reviews?

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balilux Premium
Yours is a wonderful niche and surely trending a lot at the moment with almost every mum being constrained to be a stay at home mum. Think of all the extra entertainment the kids will need at home. Look for products which objectively mothers will be looking for such as educational and entertaining and review and sell those. That would be my take
megawinner Premium
Stay at home mom is a creative niche. There are many things moms should know. scam, networking, review of products, learning about blogging and so on. I would say it is a great one but concentrate on one four. If you are going to talk about the scam, it may not be fruitful. Talk about reviews on kitchen equipment where mom may be interested. Or books on self-improvement where moms may love to know. Well, All the best. Choose something that is dear to your heart and you are passionate about it. Cheers!
JeffreyBrown Premium
Amanda, you might look at what products they use or buy related to things they do while being a stay at home mom--virtually endless list!

Carson2 Premium
I would look at stay at home moms and see how they make income. Check out what reviews they do on products or services.
AmandaDenson Premium
Thank you Carson for your advice.
etseil20 Premium
Hello Amanda,

Since you started a new website, I suggest sticking with the niche for awhile.

I would write content posts and see where you go from there. Do some reviews on common scams, and some reviews on other ways to make money. If there's one category you like over another, go in that direction.

But that's me- start writing posts and see where you go from there.

I hope that helps- all the best!

AmandaDenson Premium
Thank you Eric for your advice. That is helpful.