I'm kindly requesting your help. I don't have clear understanding about choosing my direction.
What can I choose my brand? I would like to promote others products as an affiliate. I have chosen my audience (people unsatisfied with their job). What do you suggest me, is that good niche? What can you advice me when I select my domain name?

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AparnaBansal Premium
If your audience is people unsatisfied with their job, then your niche could be helping people make money online
anusuya1 Premium
I love what you want to do for people.
Many are unsatisfied with their jobs.
Abie has provided you with a link. Try that and see what you get.
Brainstorm and check availability of a domain to grab.
TESFU2 Premium
thank you Anusuya1.
TESFU2 Premium
Thank you. I appreciate you AbieAj
AbieAJ Premium
You can search in google

Your niche + affiliate programs and see what results you get

A good niche is something you're passionate about and you would want to still write about it in 5 years time. Once you decide on your niche, you may head to http://namemesh.com try find a suitable .com domain or try go daddy valuation tool to find a memorable name.

You can use Jaaxy to drill down keywords. Look for searches (avg.) above 30 and competition (qsr. ) lower than 100, the lower the qsr the better.


For your choice of keywords, always do an incognito search on Google before settling on a keyword, to see who appears in the top 3 positions.