I feel like I am getting keywords all wrong, especially with my post titles. For example, I am trying to write a post on Balance Trainers. In my research on Jaxxy, I type in "what is the best balance trainer". The numbers look good. It's low-hanging fruit with the following stats:
AVG: 72 Traffic: 13 QSR: 100 SEO: 93

I feel like I can do better, so I type in this variation on the phrase: "What's the best balance trainer" which gives me the following stats:
AVG 72. Traffic: 13. QSR: 0. SEO 97

However, when I put these phrases in a google search, the headlines that come up read more like "top 5 best balance trainers" , "top balance trainer reviews" etc. When I copy and paste these headlines into Jaxxy, the stats are awful with averages and traffic under 10, yet those are ranked 1st page on Google.

I guess my question is, why when I use a keyword phrase that has good stats, can it not beat, or even register on a google search, those keyword phrases with bad stats?

As the title says, what am I doing wrong?

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JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Good answers, my friend! You can also enter some of this in the search bar which might direct you to earlier past posts addressing this subject!

Fiona13 Premium
Hi, l see you have been answered, hope you came right.
LawrenceHill Premium
I am no expert , but my opinion is below for what it is worth.

Using your examples :-
The sites that are coming up as "top 5 best balance trainers" , "top balance trainer reviews" I guess are already ranked and rated and trusted by google so using those keywords to compete would give you very little chance.

"What's the best balance trainer" has absolute brilliant stats , so you should use this. The sites that you mention will probably already have similar phrases in their content , which is why they are getting picked up as they are trusted. At the moment, google hasn't identified it as a keyword and therefore thats why the QSR is zero, but the fact that people are searching on it gives you a very solid chance of it being classed as a keyword quite soon and you would very likely to be top ranked very quickly.

Hope that helps

in short, I don't think you are doing anything wrong!
HildeRegine Premium Plus
I always use QSR as low as possible and low traffic around 30 or less as advised in the training. I use brainstorm a lot and alphabet soup to find the right mix of words in my title. I think when you go to search you will find the posts that is already ranking and have much more competition.