I promote Jaaxy,but I`m doing something very wrong, I have 64 Jaaxy referrals this year but NONE of them upgraded. I have 72 referrals all time for Jaaxy but it seems I refer the wrong people or something is just missing, it`s just not possible that none of these people want to upgrade.

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exgrosteve Premium
Hi Roamy, do you / is it possible to follow-up on these referrals? Relationship building, etc.... Also, are you targeting a niche were people are interested in something free or, a niche were people would see this as a business asset? When I get stuck with something like this, I write down as many questions as I can think of and then find the answers. Good luck, Steve C
roamy Premium Plus
At first I just thought I was referring the wrong people so I did not give it much thought, it`s only recently that I have given it a closer look and realize all my referrals never upgrade.
Most of my Jaaxy referrals join through my wealthy affiliate promoting link.