Whatever your niche product(s), they are likely being sold on various sites online already. To what extent should I be familiarizing myself with these distributors, their pricing, etc.? Is it important to know as many of these sites as possible or only the most prominent ones? Going forward, should I be looking to direct people to these sites? If so, which ones? If not, why not?


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LynneClay Premium
Just wanted to say that not all businesses will have an affiliate program. That's what I'm finding out myself with my niche. Not a lot of wood carving suppliers have affiliate programs. There are a ton of woodworking ones out there, but not to many wood carving ones.

Just a thought to keep in mind.
Good luck with your search and your journey here at WA.
suzieq Premium
Hi Quinn,
As an affiliate marketer, you want to apply to be an affiliate of any company selling the product you're promoting. It may sell in many places, but if they don't have an affiliate program, it does you no good.
If it's not to make any sales, and you're directing your readers there for other reasons, then I would make sure that the site is reputable with good reviews, customer service, current information, etc.
You should always put your readers first, so making sure you're sending them somewhere good is important.
qkelly91 Premium
Hi Suzanne,
Thanks for the response - it cleared a few things up for me. I have been researching websites that offer my products in order to determine which offer the best, most reliable service, product information, etc. But since I'm starting out, I feel it is too soon to select a single brand/company to promote. My understanding is that we select a product to promote - one perhaps made by a handful of brands - and after a while, we can apply for a particular brand's affiliate program. Is that right or do I have it backwards?

suzieq Premium
Yes you’re right. You can be an affiliate to many. This way you might be able to write some comparison reviews as well. And one might offer discount coupons and such where another wouldn’t so you’d have something to promote through your email list and such. ( but that’s down the road, lol)
qkelly91 Premium
Perfect. I have a lot to look forward to. Thanks so much!