So, I heard it takes a little bit more work to promote High Ticket Items that pay a lot in commissions but that for a thousand times higher payouts you may need to work only 5-10 times as hard as it would be to promote say a 10 dollar ebook.

Any thoughts/suggestions/advice???


P.S my niche is obvious from the domain name :)

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saintjoseph Premium
Thank you for this informative post!
Mark1957 Premium
There have been many of these types of "opportunities" over the last several years Jim and they've mostly all been lambasted as being nothing more than expensive recruiting scams with questionable tactics and thousands of people being left hugely out of pocket by becoming involved.
One of the most notorious has been E. N., launched and relaunched several times and each time making more monies for the owners than for the affiliates.
Caveat emptor.
daviduk Premium
I've done that, the emphasis was on recruiting and then trying to sell their second rate products, I'm still kicking myself for throwing money at it, I should have done my research better.
Mike1942 Premium
Well Jimbo, I had been there and if you want to try, you are welcome. But please don't complain afterwards. You would restrict your customer base too much and make very little money! Promoting Amazon is the most logical way to go and it has ANY product for sale. Makes sense?
Shawn Martin Premium
Both can be done with great success. The higher ticket items do pay nicely :)
IMc Premium
That's why most people who build Amazon affiliate sites look for popular products with $100 minimum ( and relatively low competition ).
It's exactly the same amount of work as if you were promoting a $10 ebook with the same level of competition.

Obviously if you want 1000 time higher payout then you'll need to have more credibility as you wont be selling to the average person shopping online.