I've noticed a lot of my articles are reaching number one on Bing, Yahoo, and Google. Most of these have a keyword/phrase in the title. NOT JUST THE KEYWORD. Are they number one to no avail? Because it makes me feel that it's number one because of specificity and not significance of the keyword.

And if that is the case, would it even generate traffic if it's alone in this perceived limbo of SEO? We're taught to use keywords in our title. So this really has me wondering how it works and if being number one matters in this sense.

Here's an example:

My article TWIN FLAMES AND TELEPATHY | A DEEP CONNECTION OF TWO SOULS is number one on all search engines. It was written by way of the key phrase TWIN FLAMES AND TELEPATHY. If you search that keyword phrase, TWIN FLAMES AND TELEPATHY the article doesn't rank at all.

Maybe this will help someone understand why I am wondering how it works.

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merlynmac Premium
When I do an incognito search, it shows up on page two of Google, spot 9.
MarkG75 Premium
Ok. Well, that says something. It's not the first page but still not bad. I was going by Jaxxy, which definitely isn't always accurate. I've found its search engine tool to not be on-point a lot with correct rank display.

But for a free tool, I should expect less than the best for accuracy.

Thanks for looking into my query. This is all a learning experience and I'll figure it out.
merlynmac Premium
Any time...the next time you want to know where you land, you can look at Google Search Console and narrow it down to the page and then see which keywords are ranking where and/or you can open a private or incognito browsing window and search for your keyword and then look for your site.