How would you go about using a .com in a keyword?

Say there was a site, and I wanted to review it. Would the Keyword research be "something com review" or somethingcom review ?

Obviously I would write the whole review in the actual page heading. I assume Google would just ignore the . but would it substitute a space (something com) or just remove the . (somethingcom) ?

Any definitive answer ?

I know with many sites such as you would just call it wealthy affiliate, or just Google. But the site I am thinking off really can only be called by its full name! Ignoring the .com would give it another meaning and make zero sense.

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MarionBlack Premium
Surely the website is providing a service or a product which you could review.
sgregcrx Premium Plus
Yeah, Millions of them.

That's not the point I want to get people to use this service to buy the products. There are lots of rivals, so I want to build reader trust in this site.

Its WAY beyond the scope of my site to review each product, that would be like reviewing everything on Amazon. It would be more like reviewing amazon, but that obviously no longer needs reviewing, and can easily be shortened to amazon.

I really need to write the in the keyword.