Are we to use the information under competition to discern QSR?

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CoachEd Premium
Hi there, with jaay QSR gives the number and a light --green is go for it!!!

with our feyword tool you have to view is when it opens and then see the number. Then you need to look at the websites to see how and what your up against.

With Jaaxy you don't ---it is done for you---if you see green it is good keyword phrase---a exact match--- to go for.

In one line you you see all you need to know with Jaaxy and then you can check to see if any domains are available.

Hope that helps!!!

Coach Ed
Christabelle Premium
Thank you for your reply! :)
ssr2112 Premium
I am a newbie here myself. From all appearances it appears that the 'competition" column is used for the same reason that the Jaxxy "qsr" column is used. However, I believe the WA keyword tool competition column uses a different algorithm.
Christabelle Premium
Thank you for your reply! It has recently changed obviously :)