I am not sure how to do this... There is another site with same domain name that I bought.... organichangout.com

On Yahoo & Bing when domain entered the cached reference to the old owner is the information shown... What can I do?

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BenORourke Premium
You need to signup for Bing here:


Then submit and verify your site.

Have you done that already?
rjclack Premium
Hey Ben... That make sense.. Haven't done that... Will now :)
BenORourke Premium
Make sure you signup at Yandex also. I receive organic search from them too:

Scrilla Premium
Not to worry it will be updated soon but some submissions have have to be entered manually such as Bing, Google and Yahoo.

You can submit your site to be indexed here: http://freewebsubmission.com its free.
accad Premium
I read your coffee but i was not able to sip. I hope next time you will offer me free.

I left a comment there.