I was on Jaaxy earlier looking for keywords and noticed something interesting - the difference between searching for a 'company' and 'companies'

Using 'companies' at the end of a search term resulted in similar traffic and search results but, in the few random examples I tried, there was about 30 - 50% lower QSR and a higher SEO score for 'companies' than 'company'.

I'm sure it won't be the same for every search but worth checking both variations.

i guess this is due to the guy making the website or doing advertising for a business wanting / expecting people to search for their company. Whereas people actually doing the searching will want to find a variety of companies that offer the product or service.

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Christabelle Premium
Interesting discussion! Thank your! :)
nathaniell Premium
These numbers may reflect what people search and what's listed in google, but keep in mind that Google may alter what you type for searches.

For example, you may type in "companies", but Google might read company and companies the same way. I'm not sure, but it's worth considering.

If you find a kw with a low qsr, go for it! It's worth trying out.
IMc Premium
Thanks nathaniell - will bear that in mind.
GFHaze Premium

When it comes to using keywords there is no reason you may not exploit company, companies or whatever if they have good #'s.

When you get looking at the scoring however bear in mind those scores are based on 1st page Google placement.

So if you are writing new stuff within a specific niche it may take some time and continued additional new content on your site before things take shape.

Also bear in mind that there are other variables involved in getting good SERP from Google than just keywords.

Great post to open an area of discussion that I am certain confuses many so thanks for the post, all my best,

IMc Premium
Thanks for the advice Gary