So one thing I realized after I decided on my Niche is that there better be an affiliate program to what I chose because that is what determines my financial success right? So it would make more sense if I chose my niche based on the affiliate programs available right.? Anythought would be appreciated.

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ExpatMark Premium
Stanley says it very well below. There are good and bad affiliate programs within almost every niche.
Cinderella7 Premium
My understanding from the training is to pick a niche you are passionate about. Working in reverse would make content creation a chore.
~ Marijana
Stanleycmng Premium
Brian, you are right. I teach product positioning and segmentation. I have a list of 1700 niches, so when it comes to niches, @TDomena is right. There are many affiliate programs today.

What is important is alignment. Your affiliate offers need to be relevant to the content you are proposing. Relevance itself is a skill you develop after publishing your content and reflecting on what value you audience derive from the content.

You can use Site Comment or Site Feedback to do this. I used that and I am now reviewing and changing my content to be more engaging. This way it will lead to higher conversions.

So, you can choose a few niches that you are passionate about and then check Jaaxy for affiliate programs.

BrianSteen Premium
Thanks for the input for sure I guess my other question is I think I jumped the gun on naming my site. My first goal with joining WA was to sell a tangible Product. I own a business credit company in which I do business Credit profile creation and Business loans. When it comes to the credit profile creation I look at iot as a product but a lot of my clientele feel its a service and Too many times has the client not understood the process and canceled before they even looked at what had been done I wanted to sell something tangible and I have a life changing story about how Ilost 60 Pounds and I am passionate about but the name is something I am wanting to change. Do I have to buy a new domain name or can I transfer it?
TDenise Premium
There are so many affiliate programs, you shouldn’t have a problem either way. Kyle is all about you choosing a niche you enjoy AND makes money (in that order), rather than the other way around from what I’ve seen.