I added a video in the sidebar when I set up my site, but now that I have added affiliate links I'm not sure it is necessary and may be taking up some prime real estate.

What do you guys think?

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tomtitty006 Premium
Hey Jason.I just had a quick look at your review on the "Tayto Park" and I have to say it is excellent.I had no idea there was so much to do in it,there,s me thinking it was only a crisp factory - how wrong was I.A great day out for the family,I will be telling my brothers about this as they have small children who would really appreciate this experience.About your video,I think the same as Claire,however I do not like the music on it,if I were to here this music and someone said to me put one of these videos to it I certainly would not pick one about Ireland.I do know what they are getting at when they say "Higher Love" but it is not right,you need a good Irish Jig or reel or something like the Irish rover,its need a bit of life in it.
glycogen Premium
I think probably just move it further down. Glyn
LittleClaire Premium
Hi Jason

General practice is to put important things above the fold - the part of your site visible to visitors when they land on your page without having to scroll down. So, things like an optin form, your social icons, bio, etc should be at the top.

I'd say to leave the video, it does add value to your readers more than adverts, and you have plenty of space going, but move it lower down on your sideabar and then look into building your email list.

chrisclayton Premium
Hi Jason,

I like the video, but I do think it is taking up "prime real estate" in your side bar. I would keep it on the site though, perhaps you could create another page where it would be more at home or slot it into your about page. The video does adds value to your site so do try to keep it somehow.

Hope that helps.

Best of luck,

AllynBeekman Premium
It's a very nice video and since you asked I watched it, however, I think that your content will attract visitors more than than general video. I would recommend using the space for other things.