Hi there Community,

I'm having some trouble following the training modules, while they are very helpful and easy to relate to I believe they don't really follow my specific path of setting up an eCommerce store.
I think its beneficial for myself at this stage to source suppliers and list their product on my website before putting in time and effort making other "content" to become ranked. Whats your opinion on this matter and do you have any advice for me if I am heading off track blindly wondering about?

Thanks a heap,
Josh Kassulke.

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JoshKassulke Premium
Thank you all very much! I appreciate your time.
Much love,
Palatia Premium
There is a method to the madness of the training. lol. It works. It really works best of you follow it. Then you can deviate later but these guys have years of experience at this and know what works. My 2 cents.

adreyna Premium
Hi Josh,

It's great that you are setting up an eCommerce store. However, by following the step-by-step training you will learn other important aspects of affiliate marketing that will be of great help in building your business. In addition, you will find that learning to write quality content, using effective keywords, will prove to be very helpful in achieving overall online success.

All the best,
YumaBloggers Premium
They won't show you how to set up the store but following them to a T will show you how to drive unlimited traffic to your offers without the cost of paid advertising. It's up to you if you wish to start developing your store at the same time using WooCommerce but I would definitely make the blog part of the equasion.