I have two websites - one about soul music and one which is a travel blog. I have been devoting time to them both fairly equally over the last 4 months as both are genuine passions of mine.

I started the soul music one first and even though I am enjoying writing posts, sharing my love of the music and learning a bit more myself, I can't help wondering if it is really going to make much money.....after all I'm mainly writing about recommendations of songs and albums which really aren't big-ticket items!

I have not yet even tried to monetise my travel blog as I started it for my family and friends....however, it is a getting a lot more traffic than my soul music website and its making me think I should concentrate on this one more?

This is probably a question a lot of people have and I imagine many of you out there have wondered the same thing at some point? Should I carry on with both, or start to prioritise the travel blog and look at monetising it?

I would appreciate honest feedback and advice as I feel like I am at a real crossroads! Thank you all in advance :)

Here are my websites:




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CraigG1 Premium
Go with the travel niche and develop it. You already have a following that's growing day by day.
Freedomseekr Premium
Hi Louise,
I'd have to agree with the rest here...to focus on one first and if the travel site is already getting more traffic I'd go for that one first especially if you really enjoy it.

There's a good reason that they all say not to do more than one niche especially when you're just starting out...I tried and it's impossible to truly focus on either one, plus still learn everything that needs to be done.

You can always put one aside until after you have the other to where you want it to be...getting steady traffic and making money. I see you've put a lot of work into both sites and they're both very well done, btw. It's what I've done with mine once I realized it was just too hard to keep up on both and still go through the courses here.

It's all up to you though on which one...even though you mentioned that the music one doesn't really have big ticket items, it could still work if you get a lot of traffic.

The thing is you'd need more traffic to get more sales for it than you would with the travel blog. Unless of course, you can think of other related products to the soul music niche other than just albums...maybe instruments, concert tickets, how to play programs, etc...not really sure on these since I don't really follow the soul music myself. Just thought I'd mention it as something you might want to consider.

Whichever one you decide on is all up to you, travel I know is popular, but a lot of people love music too. Anyways, just thought I'd add my two cents here in the hopes it'll help in some way.

Best wishes :) ~Sherry
Louise2812 Premium
Thanks for your helpful comments Sherry, much appreciated :)
WilliamBH Premium
Hi Louise .. Firstly I am not an expert. My thinking would to be just put the soul music site into "holding pattern" and not do much more with it for say 6 months. Use all the time to smash out development of your travel site. Cheers, William.
Alan Hocking Premium
Hi Louise

This often happens when we first start out and one reason I always recommend just focusing on one website.

If I was you and because the travel site is gaining more traction I would leave the music site sitting there for a bit and focus on making the travel site work.

You can always go back to the other one when you have more time or just get the inspiration to post something on it.

Alan :)

P.S. Both sites look great but I really like the look of curious footsteps and I love the name (Very brandable) ;)
Louise2812 Premium
Thanks for your advice Alan - much appreciated!
Alan Hocking Premium
You're welcome

You wouldn't believe the amount of abandoned websites and niches I have left in my wake of doing this over twelve years now ;)
WTucker1 Premium
Louise, sounds like the market is speaking. I would say if you've got the time and interest, it still may be too early to give up on the soul music, but everyone here says to concentrate on one until it gets traction.