hi everyone so I'm about to write my first article and was wondering if I use 1 or more keywords in my main title as let say :
Best essential oils for mediation relaxation and mindfulness.
Is it better to write 1 article for each or because the are all related add them 3 in the same article
Hope my question is clear and make sense.
Wishing you all a blessed and great weekend.

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Good Day To You! The article can be written with the key word initially in the Title of the article then, You can implement it again through out your whole article like after your first heading you can target the keyword in the first paragraph.

You want to be carful not to use your keyword to much through out the article as well as this will dull your content.

You can showcase your key words in the title, first paragraph, maybe the body if article is long and if not then, The conclusion
android6706 Premium
You could do it either way Christelle. Writing it as one article will give you less competition with a long tailed key word.
merlynmac Premium
I'd write 3 separate articles. That way you're hyper-targeting specific sub-groups. Just make sure your articles are different enough to not be seen as a duplicate content.

Rule of thumb - 1 keyword per post.