I started too many websites when l got started.I was home so I had time, now that I'm working and with more than 4 websites,it`s impossible to do anything so I'm trying to sell my 2 websites at Flippa.
Has anyone sold at Flippa? The websites have reduced value since the last content was 6 months ago and I dont see a chance in the future to add content,I do not only not have time, I have lost interest in the websites.
Thanks for your answer

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Dreamer56 Premium
I haven't sold a website on Flippa but watch it for Domains that come up for sale. I think a site with some pages indexed in Google would be an easy sell.
roamy Premium Plus
Thanks,will try to sell 2 of my websites there.
T1967 Premium
Why cant you keep them for later, if they are good names? you never know when you will want to start them :-)) I wouldnt sell them yet........but thats just me :-)) LOL