Hello Everyone! Is it normal to spend a WHOLE LOT of time researching your niche versus actually creating the content? Over the past few days I've really been diving into credible resources.

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David960 Premium
I think the research in the beginning will take longer, this will give you a base. After awhile small thoughts will come to you, giving you an idea for posts.

Best wishes.
CStauber Premium
Yes it is slow, but you want your post to be creditable. If it's not, readers won't finish and not come back.

Aussiemuso Premium
Research is good and you will get faster.
This is important information you need to make decisions going forward, as long as you don't bog down and slow down posting content.


Lily 😊
YumaBloggers Premium
It's great to have research ahead of time as long as you still post on a loose schedule 1-3 times a week. More if you can keep that pace. I post 3 having every other day for research.
reevesvm82 Premium
Thank you so much for the recommendations. I will try to post 1-3 times per week; the only issue is that my updates will heavily depend on news releases or alerts from the FDA, Journal Articles or other peer-reviewed resources regarding my specific topic. This might throw in a monkey wrench in things. In this case, what would you suggest? Focus on posting content within social media such as Instagram?

Thanks Again!

YumaBloggers Premium
Get good at sniffing Archives for post ideas as well as new releases. Old information is always in need by any new people in a field of study.