hey hi everyone! ... hope you're all enjoying a fabulous weekend!

just love the amazing Jaaxy research tool --

have you been using Jaaxy often such as daily use?

and how about the brainstorm function?

have you upgraded for the brainstorm platform in Pro or Enterprise? .... if yes, how have you found it?

thanks kindly for your thoughtfulness ... all the best ... :)

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JHermes Premium
I'm going there now.
Mick18 Premium
I love Jaaxy I use it almost every day. I haven't upgraded though.
Aussiemuso Premium
I love Jaaxy. It's fun to do the research for new content. I mess around with a few ideas on my theme before I get the numbers I want. I was indexed in 24 hours a few days ago.
Such a great tool.

I will be interested to hear if the extra features are worth paying for.

Lily 😁
Wdcope Premium
Use Jaaxy and have considered the Pro or Enterprise yet not extra money yet to subscribe. Look to hear how others are doing if they use the upgrade.
Jukkah Premium
I use Jaaxy pretty much daily but haven't used the Pro or Enterprise versions. I find that the suggestions and some imagination are usually enough to come up with a bunch of keywords. That said I've sometimes wondered if I could find some real gold nuggets with the pro version.
keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Jukka --- appreciate you popping by with your reply & sharing your experience with Jaaxy ....

yes, like you, i pretty much use it daily ... and interested in learning more about the 'brainstorm platform' that comes with the upgrade to Pro or Enterprise .... see of how those who may have upgraded to find out a wee bit more about it ....

thanks again for enjoying a wee visit here together and hope your 'gold nuggets' will be with you soon!

all the best, cheerio-o .... ⭐️😊⭐️