Hi everyone,
I'm in the phase of choosing a niche. I want to know that how can we get enough
keywords to build a site around it.

How to get enough low competition keywords for a niche?

I'm using Jaaxy to find keywords but there are some keywords for which the QSR is in the range of 50-75 and Jaaxy's SEO parameter tells that those are great keywords and you can easily rank for them.
But some people say that QSR of less than 50 is good for ranking easily.
So, who is right Jaaxy or other?
Should I do what Jaaxy tells?

Please answer the above questions!
Awaiting for answers very eagerly


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Carolyn1555 Premium
I am just getting started, I see there are still many things I need to learn.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - you should look for keywords under 100 QSR. However, just because you have a great keyword doesn't mean that ranking will be easy, as you suggest. Once you have built your website you need to add lots of content to it on a regular basis.
PrathameshS1 Premium
Thanks for help! 👍 👍

LouiseBT Premium
Hi there

Please see what Jay has to say about Jaaxy in his training, the link is below: And Kyle's training (maybe start here, I think it's more recent): There is so much more to the Jaaxy results than just the QSR - that is only the competition you are looking at there, (the lower the number the better).

One also needs to take into account the other metrics, like:

Avg (average number of searches per month, nothing less than 250),
Traffic (traffic you can expect to your site, I look for a minimum of 50) and
SEO (the higher the better, I look for nothing less than 90) if you get IN THE 80'S here for example, that is not a favourable number for you).

I recommend that you listen to what the WA training tells you to do.

You could research your competition and what they are doing via Google of course just to give you a comparison and other ideas to consider. For now, though, I would stick with what the training within WA teaches - there are the people (Kyle, Carson and Jay) with the most experience out of everyone in the community, that must be worth something :-)

Wishing you every success!

PrathameshS1 Premium
Thanks for help! 👍 👍