Is it better to incorporate in my post/page one keyword used 2 or 3 times, or to use 5 keywords used one time each?

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JeffreyBrown Premium
I would say the first option, but you can be successful with either way!

CodrutL Premium
Thank you for your advice. I will take them into account and will use in my next post.
balilux Premium
After researching your main keyword and using it in title and few other places, I usually make another list of secondary related keywords and place them in my post. Sometimes I get ranked for the secondary keywords rather than the main one. Researching before you write is valid
ThePierce Premium
I use a focus keyword in my title, headings, body & url. But then I use a couple more in headings & body also.

Technically most of your article will be keyworded for SEO... to my understanding.

Therfore I use low hanging fruit as my focus or main keyword to get ranked under that keyword... which gives me a boost for my keywords within the article that have higher traffic and competition.
ThePierce Premium
Try to find wierd phrases that dont make sense, then make them make sense.

For example:
"How education with world"

Has 0 competition, but has traffic easy to get ranked for with 0 competition.

Turn it into "How education with world wide web can be right for you"
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - you use one keyword per post. Add it to the title and include it once in the first paragraph and maybe once more in the post depending on if it looks natural. Then use a different keyword for your next post and repeat the process.