Hi guys,

I feel like I am struggling my @ss off to get indexed on the first page of google...

I just wrote a post that only had 10 traffic and gets 32 searches per month. Once I finished, I shared it on all the social media platforms and did the whole "fetch as google" thing. When I I use the " " I am first on the first page, but with a normal search I am way below.

Not one of my posts get on the first page (ranging from page 4-7), although I am using super "low hanging fruit".

I will appreciate any help please as I know if I can get on the first page, I will start getting sales.


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grampamike Premium
There are little tips and trick for ranking in the top 10 which you learn with experience.

Ranking in the top 10 is a bit of an art too.

Two tips:

Read my training; Second, go check out your competitors for your keyword. Look at the top 10 so see what they are doing. Try to find some clues how you can improve.

Finally, Google can be hesitant to rank a new site in the top 10 if the site is fairly new.

In my experience, after being online for a year then ranking gets a whole lot easier because you will have established yourself as a credible website.

Websites are like a fine wine. The longer they age then the better they taste.
CBotma Premium
Thank you very much!

I must say it is a bit frustrating (especially because the website is only 2 months old). It just feels a bit disappointing that after all the time and effort, you still don't get on the first page.
grampamike Premium
There are only 10 spots available in a Google search result on page 1.

The entire website world is trying to get into the top 10. It's the holy grail of webmasters.

This is why it's important to study SEO techniques that help rank. More importantly, it illustrates why a person should be promoting on social media.

Social media is the rage these days and that is where you will get most of your exposure in the beginning. As people visit and link to your site then Google will look at your popularity and up your rank. Great way to build legitimate backlinks.

I forgot to mention that you can visit your competitors and right click on their websites. Click on "view source" and you will be able to read the HTML code of their site. You will find their keywords and meta description which might help with how you set up your posts on your site.

You can find all sorts of goodies in the source code.

I popped by your site. Looks well laid out. Good information in your articles. Could use a picture of you in your "about me" page.

I suspect your ranking is bumping into some stiff competition in your niche. Electronics are a popular niche.

Perhaps taking a look at the SEO of your articles might help;
CBotma Premium
Thank you so much for your help, I appreciate it a lot. I will definitely follow your advice.