Hello Great people, i am so pleased to have you all... please help here. My niche is on the growing of plants so most of the time i have to promote agricultural products, so my problem here is that when i promote a product maybe like lawn seeds and other agricultural products there is a message which tells that this product is not shipping to my country. So if it is not shipping to my country how is it going to ship to other countries other than UK. I am not sure if Amazon is the right affiliate program for me to promote and sell products for. What would be your advice on this matter, what affiliate program would you recommend to work best for me?.

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dalwhu Premium
You can add different affiliate accounts from different countries.

I have amazon uk and amazon USA.

You can target the audience of a certain country.

Another thing that may help is target amazon prime listings that are fulfilled by amazon.

I bought an item I could only get in America and I’m from the UK but as I’m a prime member as well I got it sent from America by Amazon.

If the listing says fulfilled by Amazon then it’s in one of their distribution centres and so they are in charge of their own shipping.

That may work for you.
soozk017 Premium
I agree with the searching the internet for other affiliates. The problem I had with Amazon is you have to make sales in 60 days (I think) from becoming an affiliate. I made the mistake and put them in 1st. I wasn't done with my site so I got a relative to make a purchase. I think you can just reapply, but I'm not sure about that. Best Wishes in getting it to work out!
Marley2016 Premium
You can always Google for affiliates in your country under
your niche - put in what you are looking for such as
seed companies (your county) affiliates - this should show
you companies you can join as an affiliate.
FKelso Premium
Can you get Amazon onelink? I am not sure if it is available, going from the UK to other countries, but we can get that link in the U.S. and it allows us to sell in other countries.
mystyle Premium
I dont know about one link please help me get to is and how to make it work on my site.
Triblu Premium
Hey Nikhosingiphile,

Here's the tutorial on OneLink to help you: Hope you find this helpful.
FKelso Premium
As usual, Triblu, you are marvellous! Just the thing...thank you.
merlynmac Premium
Look into the Amazon OneLink feature (I think it's called onelink). It's a line of code you can put on your site that will redirect your affiliate links to the Amazon site for the countries accessing them (i.e. if they're in the UK it will go to the UK site, if they're in the US it will go to the US site and so on). It will require you to have affiliate accounts for the various sites but should work for you. There may still be areas that simply aren't services by Amazon and, in those cases, it simply won't work.