My niche is gemstones of high quality. If the traffic was over 50 or more I would get a red dot. There is a whole lot of competition out there in the gemstone business. I was inclined to go for low QSR which happened to show a high SEO ranking. The traffic numbers many times were not good. I'm thinking sales funnel and the 80/20 theory. Do you think this is ok?

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VitaliyG Premium Plus
You need to go beyond just gemstones Robert. Here's some ideas:

Do keyword research on specific types of gemstones.

How to make them.
Tools to carve gemstones (go wild here, there's probably tons of stone carving tools).
Where to find gemstones.
Where to buy gemstones.
Boxes to keep gemstones in.


You should be able to find at least 50 low competition keywords from just these ideas alone.
RDoren Premium
Thanks for the advice. I've been faceting gems for 24 years and I can tell you that I have personally purchased items from businesses in the categories you suggest.
VitaliyG Premium Plus
Then there is nothing stopping you from being that source for other gem purchasers Robert!