I just searched google for my web site and I could not find it. I went 20 pages in. does this mean I have not been indexed by google?

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feigner Premium
if you type into google
then you will get everything that google has indexed on your site.
if your site is brand new don't worry if it isn't found.
it does take a while for google to go through everything aand ranking can take weeks (depending on your niche) - especially when your site is new .
think of it as a friendship, you need to learn to trust the other party and see how loyal they are - do they keep coming back and are they giving.
well if you folllow the training and create content consistently then you will become a friend of google's and start to rank.
good luck
juddpuppy Premium
Why does my website say "just another word press site" when I pull it up on google? Will this change?
feigner Premium
that will be your tagline
to change this
goto your wordpress dashboard and click on settings - general
and displayed there will be the title of your site and your tagline.
thikn of your tagline as an opportunity to explain what your site is about or to create a phrase your crowd can associate with you.
then click update at the bottom and it will change
after this you may need to refresh your browser to see the changes
press ctrl+f5 to bypass your browsers cache and refresh the page
good luck
Mark K Premium
If you have changed the title and tagline of your site it will change in Google. It will mean Google indexed your page before you changed this.
@RICH. Premium
The easiest way to check whether your site has been indexed, is to type the url, ie. www.mydomainname.com into http://www.google.com/ncr and see if it shows up in the search results. It can take a while for search engines to "crawl" a new site, but if you follow the training, you stand a good chance of being indexed sooner rather than later. It will take longer to rank, ie. get positions on the first few pages, as search engines are businesses, and only want to send their customers (searchers) to sites that add value to their searching experience. It's why it's necessary to consistently add unique and compelling content on a regular basis. :) Rich.