Hello Everyone. since I started WA training I notice that when searching a keyword we need to look for low competition keywords. So most of my keyword rich content is focus on low qsr with and got some 50 100 traffic.

I am just curious about keywords with less 10 traffic and with zero QSR. Is it ok to use that keyword? Thanks..

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randyford28 Premium
Thanks everyone, So far I have 10 published post now all keyword rich content with very low QSR not above 50 and a decent traffic not below 40. But i have this crazy idea on using a keyword without searches and with no competition at all. I will share it within my blog post.
TinaTalley Premium
I have the same issue. I came to WA already having a blog, but I wasn't happy with the traffic I was getting (as in, only two articles are drawing any type of traffic). I didn't have access to a good keyword tool til Jaaxy and what I quickly realized was most of my articles are in that category--0 QSR and avg searches too low to display.

So, what I'm doing is going back through my old content and updating it to match the optimized SEO format of at least 1k words and 5 headings, with over 30 avg searches and under 100 QSR. For me it's definitely easier to fluff up and improve existing articles than start from scratch, so I think it's time well spent.

I wish you luck!
Stella20 Premium
I agree. Best to improve what you've got instead of re-inventing the wheel.
davehayes Premium
I always have a check of a few and choose the best option that comes up great
DTheberge Premium
Hi Randy, if those keywords are never searched for, then it's not likely your content will ever be seen. Aim higher! All the best~ David
Talk2Ray Premium
I don't know Randy. In the past I've just overlooked those that have no quoted search results (QSR).