Discussion Ok i have a question, I am starting a new site and my keyword initial phrase is under 10 searches a month and a QSR of 21 but when I type into google then it has 618 million references, so is this good or bad? I assume bad at <10 pm

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MikeyB Premium
thank you all good info. cheers
JohnnyMark1 Premium
You are looking for a keyword phrase to use as the URL of your new site (or part of the URL of your new site). Ideally, you want the highest number of monthly searches, while having the lowest possible competitors (Quoted Search Results). Personally, I would shoot for a keyword phrase with more searches per month, even if the QSR may be higher. Yes, try to find a low QSR, but make the monthly search number worth it.

To cross check your keyword phrase in Google, search the term, within "quotes", then keep clicking to thelast page until you get to the very end. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and it'll tell you the true QSR.

Check out a recent Welshy blog post, discussing keyword considerations: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/welshy/blog/keyword-search-volume-qsr-are-they-important

or his video on YouTube:
steveo5770 Premium
The QSR results you get from the keyword tools here shows the number of pages that are actually optimized for that keyword. Sometimes a search result of <10 simply means the tool can't get an accurate estimate for some reason.
@RICH. Premium
The first figure Google presents isn't meaningful. If you search for an exact match of "christianity and cannibalism" by including the quote marks you'll see this http://d.pr/i/kjOO which shows 1,250,000 results. However, if you then work your way through to the last page of those search results you'll see this http://d.pr/i/7cX7 showing in fact there are only 90 exact matches that are relevant. You might find this training helpful https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/how-to-use-the-keyword-search-tool-on-wa Rich.
choppydo Premium
google will lie about search results for whatever reason it`s not really 618 million. But the QSR is just the exact word for word matches. There are still many others that get ranked just for being related.