Hii, to everybody, does anyone face the same problem with keywords not found in the URL of your post, even if he is there.
The Basic SEO said to me that i have not put it in the URL, but i did, word by word, what could it be then?
Thank you in advance.

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countrylife Premium
Ha where did it go? Apologies but I am not sure what you are asking. What SEO plugin you use?
Please reach out if you need help or a hand.
Wishing you well, continued success and a terrific day.
MIlic1 Premium
Hii, i wrote a post yesterday in which i put the keyword in the URL of my post but it's still showing to me that it isn't in the URL. Like in the previous comment i guess it's have something to do with the dashes.
feigner Premium
it could be buggy software...
in the url it has dashes between the words and the software cannot tell....
so don't worry about it and carry on...
if you are worried about it then complain to hte plugin designers...i tried and as a free user got nowhere....
so if you know you have it in there then thats good ...
good luck
MIlic1 Premium
Yeah, I was thinking the same about the dashes, they are probably the problem. I surely got in there so i guess it's not a big deal. Thanks for your time.
MBdesire Premium Plus
Hi there no tension, everything will be got so go for a good start by training, hi be attentive to the training, Okay?