I have read quite a few posts saying exactly how to use Jaxxy to see where our sites rank in Google, Bing, Yahoo. I have tried many times with content that has been indexed and when I put my keyword and site into Jaxxy and click Check - the results are always. Not found on Page 1 - pay to have the first 20 pages checked. Is this the way it is now? If so, this part of the tool isn't very useful. I can check if I am on page one quickly and as for the first 20 pages. Easy enough to check myself too without paying. Please advise. Thank You


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countrylife Premium
Kyle's blog post may give you a clue please reach out if you need help or a hand.
Wishing you well, continued success and a terrific day.
cvarr Premium
Yes, I have read this a few times. Thank You. I might just give up on this feature as I get the same answer each time I ask and I get the same results whenever I try to use it. I actually tried to contact Kyle to ask him directly but it keeps posting my question to the general population. I am very grateful for everyone's help - I have not yet found the solution. For me Jaxxy only checks page one of the three search engines.