How are we supposed to use the keywords Jaaxy spits out, that really don't make sense?

Example: Jaaxy will sometimes spit out a phrase like
"How to make money with" and it ends there. It has a great QSR and high SEO score. But as soon as you ad a word to it, say "a website" or "amazon" the QSR and SEO are terrible.

Is there a way to capitalize on the phrases that either end or make no sense in Jaaxy?

Another one I just came across as I was typing this is, "How to make money on the" High scores, but if I add "internet" to it, you know what happens.....


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LLiu Premium
Interesting, keep us posted to what happens!
Martstervt Premium
Good topic,thanks for putting it out there!
jvranjes Premium
I have seen this myself. You cannot use it as it is, and as you noticed when you make it a complete phrase, it becomes useless. So I would forget about it.
BigMook Premium
Thanks Jovo