Is J A A X Y an acronym? What does it stand for?

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Funmine Premium
I don't think you would put a name on your business if it doesn't have any significant meaning to you. Jaaxy must mean something to Kyle & Carson.

ptran38 Premium
I tried spelling it backwards and it doesn't say EVIL. So that's good. Most likely a branding and marketing technique. Most people will remember google, yahoo which are compose of two syllables and Jaaxy is just way out there and unique enough that search engines can only pull up your unique brand when they search for the name.
gusti Premium
maybe it's coming from the song 'all that jazz'? you know easy, smooth and popular? oh, I don't know Fred, I never thought it's an acronym anyway.. maybe you got an idea what is stand for?
Trialynn Premium
Never gave it much thought! It is a valid question!
BIS Premium
Wasn't aware that it stood for anything - but I will be interested to hear if it does. :) Beverley