It's been a long time since I used this online tool, and when I searched for this on Google, I was led to this site:

But there are things that I noticed:

> It looks like the domain name or URL has been changed (I'm not sure of this)

> And the appearance or some of the physical features of the site have been changed.

Is this the same ubersuggest tool we've been using before? Or, a spoof of the original? Or, perhaps, a similar but competitor site?

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eatsoap Premium
Yes, it's the same old one :P
It's simply in the "new outfit" so to speak..

Seems like they've changed their theme, & there are couple of new nifty features to make it even better for us..

..BUT the logo/brand is the same as well as the general idea behind this.
Hope this helps (:

GomMagtibay Premium
Thank you for clarifying that. 'ol the best! :)
Gerlinde Premium
When I made the training a few weeks ago I only found - not .com So I guess it has changed... but I never used it before...
Antilena Premium
What was the tool used for?
NannaGoosey Premium
Wed, July 26, 2017

Hi, Antilena.

I'm sorry no one saw and answered your question earlier. UberSuggest is a keyword tool.

CarolE1 Premium
Yes, it is different at least from the training video.
onmyownterms Premium
I don't know because I never used ubersuggest before. Was it .io before as well?