I see it mentioned in one of Kyle's 2009 tut's but can't see it next door in the Tools and Services heading....... The way I see it is that Google has also replaced this with the Keyword Planner as they did with the Free Keyword tool....

Point me in the right direction if I've lost the plot somewhere :) TX!

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CoachEd Premium
I see you have received the best advice from the best---Great !!!
@RICH. Premium
I would recommend following core training, either Certification Courses or Affiliate Bootcamp. I definitely wouldn't rely on something that's more than a year out of date, certainly not a piece of training that's three years old, a lot changes very quickly. Use the Keyword Tool here at WA https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/how-to-use-the-keyword-search-tool-on-wa or sign-up for a trial over at Jaaxy http://jaaxy.com :) Rich.
CharziG Premium
thanks @Rich ..... I'm using those other tools don't worry.... I was just checking to see if I had missed the boat :)