I was googling the most profitable niches and saw online poker listed as one of them. I played online poker for 10yrs and win consistently at low stakes, so I thought I could get into this niche. but I cant find many good keywords at all in the keyword tool.

I thought I could write strategy such as "how to play AK out of position" which is a very typical and popular question in the poker forums, but have almost zero searches on google. I mean, if you played poker you'll know that questions like "what is a good win rate for 25nl?" are very common in forums, yet they show no searches in google. so how can it be a profitable niche if I can't find keywords in the keyword tool?

I checked out a very popular and highly ranked poker blog by a guy named blackrain79 to see what keywords he use. I dont think he's using any, at least not in the way we're taught here at WA. for example, his latest post "5 Ways to Steal More Pots From the Regs at the Micros" you can type in any variation of that in the keyword tool here or Jaxxy and its obvious he didnt come up with that title from doing keyword research as taught at WA. So I dont understand how hes able to do so well?

I still want to get into the online poker niche, but any ideas how to do so profitably?

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Loes Premium
Go where your heart lies, when poker is your ultimate hobby, you will have a continuing interest and subjects to write about.
johnwnewman Premium
I think it could work well.
bill808 Premium Plus
Search affiliate+online poker. There are lots of options.
bill808 Premium Plus
A quick Jaaxy search:
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Lots of people interested and if you can tell them how to win it should be a good niche.