Hi, I've just been going through one of the tutorials on keywords and had a sudden thought. When searching for keywords in jaxxy, I presume the results are based on 'worldwide' searches? Do they take into account the searches people are doing worldwide (i.e. google.co.uk) and not just google.com etc?

I know it shouldn't matter as my website will end '.com' but it suddenly struck me that maybe your first page of google results varies depending on what country you are in (i.e. Prioritises domains ending with .co.uk if I'm in the U.K. etc)? Or does it have no bearing?

Probably a stupid question but I am very new to this and any answers will be gratefully received!

Thank you


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CraigUKTV Premium
This is a good question Louise. I'm pretty sure Jaaxy is based on http://Google.com and doesn't include Google in other countries. When you find the monthly searches or competition in Jaaxy it agrees with http://Google.com so that suggests it's only .com results.