My niche was/is microdermabrasion, it was well and good until Amazon changed their affiliate commissions and now it`s like blogging for no commissions.
Amazon has enough microdermabrasion machines so I had enough to write content about, other affiliate networks have max 3 different microdermabrasion machines.I`ve looked around, really no selection out there.
Now I can`t use Amazon (by choice) but I really struggle to find a platform with enough products for me to promote.
So I thought of changing my niche to be a bit general like Acne skincare BUT using the same URL as it`s already 3 years old.
My thinking was, change the money pages and then just go on. I`m changing links which is taking time, and doing this I see how few microdermabrasion products are out there so it will be hard blogging but with almost not there products to promote, even companies like Trophyskin have very limited( less than 10 products) I realize I have to tweak most of my posts because I can`t find enough microdermabrasion products to go with my posts.
Has anyone changed an existing niche to go a different direction?= change the money pages. Did it work or will you advice against it?
Not something drastic, it will still be skincare, not just too targeted as microdermabrasion is.
No I don`t like the idea of leaving the site and starting a new one, this is a 3 year old site with over 200 posts, so giving it up is not an option right now.

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JeffreyBrown Premium
Best success to you in this trying change, Roamy! I'm sure you'll come out on the other side smelling like a rose!

Mark1957 Premium
I think Amazon's recent decision has caused a lot of their associates to become more creative in their own response to it Roamy and I don't see why you can't move into the broader field of skin care (specifically acne related or not).
It's not as if your domain name of "" is now selling gaming consoles!!
I like donniecellis and Trish's (triblu) replies here, I think they are both correct in what they say, so, go for it.
Good luck
roamy Premium Plus
thanks Mark
donniecellis Premium
Roamy, yes you can change the niche. You are correct it is still skin care. You can tweak and update your articles to a broader niche and then work with some sub niches to help boost your sales with other affiliate products. I started with a very broad niche but have concentrated on smaller niches inside of the big picture. I was wondering if I should change things up, narrow it down, etc.
I am currently updating my posts, adding some small changes to content and including pictures, videos, etc. But I am staying in the same major niche. Yes, it does take time to update. A word of advice, as you make changes to your posts and pages, change the publishing date. Google loves new content rich articles and it gets you some good rankings off of old stuff that is updated. I've noticed my changes are getting me better rankings. Again it will take some time but just start. Also add some new content with other skincare products that you have chosen. I guess what I'm trying to say is make microdermabrasion a sub niche of skin care. And add more content. It will definitely work.
roamy Premium Plus
How did I fail to see this?really helpful and thanks so much.Once more,sorry I missed this.
megawinner Premium
Great you got it!
Triblu Premium
Hey Roamy,

When I FINALLY focused on the exact niche I wanted to work on, when choosing a new domain name, I was shocked to discover that the one I wanted was actually available.

Upon using this domain name, I discovered that it was used formerly for a dating site. LOL, I know... right? However, it is PERFECT for my Make Money Online (MMO) website.

So... my answer to your question is "Yes, of course you can change your niche using the same domain name."

That dating site had to have dropped the domain name for over a year, else I don't imagine that I would have been able to buy it.

Hope you find this helpful.
roamy Premium Plus
Sorry, forgot to say thanks, really appreciate