Hi All,

I have this bit of situation.. I wasn't focused on naming my images as I just saved from pixabay or unsplash and just upload to my post. I start to realise that I should have rename them properly...

But somehow, when I was checking on my indexed pages in Google (by typing "site:'my website domain' "), one of the images, which was created by myself (basically a diagram), got indexed.

And then I found it appeared in page 1, number 3, using the image name + my website name. But when I click on it, while it goes to my website, it is only showing that image and not the post.

Nevertheless, when I query in Jaaxy for such a keyword, the Avg is <10, Traffic <10, QSR 0, which is not surprising.

Few questions, maybe somewhat related:

1. Is there any value to this? (Guessing no but want to get feedback, though kinda nice to see something from my website to appear in page 1 with an unintended "keyword" for the first time)

2. Or am I doing it wrong?

3. Should I sometimes target for post or images with such low Avg, Traffic, QSR.

4. Could it be that sometimes when we write a post with an intended keyword, we might be found by some other unintended keyword that appears in our content?

Appreciate your advise.

Thank you.


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way2insane Premium
You've stumbled upon image SEO, congratulations.

To answer your questions in order:

1-There is huge value in it. Because your images are another medium for which you can gain rankings independently from your actual post, as you have discovered. More importantly, if you name them within the context of your post...they will help that post to gain authority as well. Just don't go stuffing keywords into your images....that is a big no no for any search engine, let alone Google.

2-Eh, sometimes our mistakes & accidents produce better results than when we are actually trying to do something.

3-Yes, eventually....but in the beginning you are better served targeting more productive keywords. The "eventuality" part you will know better than I in a few months in regards to your niche. By themselves there isn't much value to these low value keywords. But they can boost the authority of your site within a given niche. Just don't go chasing them....they have to be relevant to making your main content shine.

4-Yes, it happens all the time. Unfortunately, most of the time it isn't related to what the searcher was after in the first place which will more likely increase your bounce rate.
Now, having said that, there have been plenty of times that I came across something that I wasn't searching for & stuck around anyway cause the material/site caught my attention despite not being what I was looking for.
OCH3943 Premium
Hi, thank you so much for answering my question!
Aussiemuso Premium
Too new to know yet but I will be interested in the answers.