I have a daughter who is on the Autism Spectrum. would this be an appropriate niche? Is it something I could make money from??

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KylieL Premium
Any niche has the possibility to make money. You should Google it. If you see a lot of ads on the google search than its a plus. Because this is a disorder, you will have competition from magazines and authority sites like Wikipedia and WebMD. You will need to think about things to promote for this niche, make sure you think about your affiliates and check to see if there are any.

Check for keywords to make sure that the competition for keywords is reasonable before jumping into a niche. You will want the competition (QSR) to be below 300.

Your first website likely won't be your last. For your first website it is suggested to choose something that you are already interested in and know a lot about because it will be easier for you to write. Writing quality content is probably the most important thing, even more important that good keywords...

When you are getting started with this there will be times that you don't want to write. Times when you might want to just give up. Having a niche that you like and already know stuff about helps keep you going.
TracyTaylor1 Premium
Thanks Kylie! I jut wrote a book and was thinking to start there and then get on with an affiliate product? Not sure, but thanks!
rwood Premium
Hi Raven. I would say with your passion for your daughter and it's relation to the community yes. You could certainly build a website presence teaching and sharing and communication with those affected by Autism based on your experiences and research. I'm sure it could be monetized with books and Google Ad sense as long as you build it with great content and as well as reflect your personal aspect to it.