My question is this. I feel I can come up with a niche ok, but I don’t know enough about any 1 thing that I can write content on. I couldn’t come up with a whole website of content on any 1 thing. So I’ve decided to just do the Making Money Niche. Is that ok? Do I have to come up with original content for that too?

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1Rudy1 Premium
I know how confusing it can be. Do you choose the affiliate or the Niche? Right,?

Here are some ways to think about the niche angle.

What do you always talk about when around friends or family or the person standing (6 feet away) near you in line at the groceries?

Did you ever have anything you loved to talk about, where your friends would good-naturedly say, 'Alright already, can you talk about something else for a change?'

The next is to think of 'what you know'.

Not something you have done a few times...

WHAT DO YOU KNOW/ That you have a few years of experience of doing, something you enjoyed.

Write a list of those things.

For each of those topics, write a few other things that will come to mind about them.

As you go through the training, take your time at each step, let the new information sink in a little before moving on.

When we move too quickly, we end up missing something.

You would pay attention during the training for a new job, right?

Same here, you have to learn the business of making money online.

You can do this!

We are all here to help if you need some direction.

AbieAJ Premium Plus

We always recommend starting out with own niche vs the affiliate boot camp (make money online niche) as the latter is a lot harder and more competitive you'd want to write 300 to 400 articles before you are able scratch the surface.

We also recommend you do the whole bootcamp in its entirely before you commence on you own MMO site. So in answer to your question, yes you still have to create original content written in your own words.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
More related info:

A niche subject is something you are passionate and genuinely interested in could be a hobby or an interest, and know so well you can write plenty original content about.

One niche, a website.
When deciding on a niche try narrow it down to a more specific niche, you can ask yourself the following question:

So I want to help people with ____________________ ?
Fill in the blank and you are going to get closer to a specific audience.