If a keyword in Jaaxy shows just a hyphen or dash, and no number, does that mean it's less than 1, and thus would have super low competition? So if that keyword has >50 Searches, would it be a good one to pursue SERP research for writing posts?

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Aussiemuso Premium
Hi J.W. I thought I would answer your second question of how much traffic is too much. The answer is there is never too much traffic but in these keywords you will usually find that the amount of pages available for readers or QSR is very high too. That's a lot of competition!! You are looking for keywords that people search for but that need your opinion with less competition or below 100 QSR.
Low hanging keywords.

Lily 😊
jwhornsby3 Premium
Thanks Lily! But now I'm really confused.

Take a look at the attached list of Jaaxy data and tell me which keywords you would start writing articles on first, and why.

Appreciate it!

Aussiemuso Premium
I would go with 'Best sleep aid for insomnia' if this works in your niche. There is a huge amount of specific traffic to this search but a low QSR. My next step would be to Google this title and analyze the first page. Who is writing the posts? Are they paid ads from medical companies? Who are the other organic writers like yourself? Make a list of your competitors so you can track their posts.
In my guitar niche there are certain competitors who write posts. Some are big companies and other like myself are organic. I know it is unlikely that any post of mine will rate higher than a paid post or video. So I take that into account.

Hope this helps
Lily 😁🎶
kmer6 Premium
Good morning to you, JW. I subscribe to Jaaxy and use it all the time. I have never experienced just a dash in place of the QSR number. Many times I have experienced a "blank" space where I click on the "Get QSR" and a bar will move slowly to the right until it either displays a number or a "Retry" error message.
What kind of keywords are you entering into Jaaxy?

To answer your second question, This is my formula that I use to determine if the keyword term is adequate to use.
Monthly Searches - 100 or more
Traffic - at least 50
QSR - less than 250

If the monthly searches are lower than 100 per month there are probably not enough people willing to purchase to sustain any income for your website. Likewise for Traffic, if the number is less than 50 your time is wasted in writing content because you won't get any visitors to your website. And lastly, the lower the number the better for QSR but anything over 250, or "Normal" is too competitive which means your content will never rank in the search engines.

I hope this helps.
jwhornsby3 Premium
Thanks Ken, I appreciate your quick response. My keyword was related to Restless Legs Syndrome, a sleep disorder, and I've attached the Jaaxy numbers.

Does a big Search or Traffic number mean it's too hard to compete with, and get ranked? If so, at what point is the Search or Traffic number too big - 300? 500? 1,000? 3,000? 5,000?


kmer6 Premium
Thank you for the screenshot of the search term, this is a great help. I plugged your search term, Restless Legs Syndrome, into Jaaxy. I took a screenshot of before I clicked on the QSR results, and then the second screenshot of afterward.
JW, your screenshot, unfortunately, doesn't show any search terms worth writing content about. The search volumes are too low as well as the traffic numbers. Remember, it is a combination of the numbers.
On the Monthly searches, higher is better but anything from 100 higher;
Traffic volume you are better to concentrate on numbers 50 or higher. Anything less than 50 you won't get any traffic, 1 to 3 visitors per month.
In the screenshot of the restless leg 2 it shows the QSR numbers plus the Domain name suffixes available. Ideally the .com is available - if it is - and the number ranges are withing the above parameters this keyword is a very choice (great) keyword.

This of course is my opinion and it is based on my experience.

restless legs syndrome treatment 595 102 122 Great
restless leg syndrome treatment 3799 646 162 Great
restless leg syndrome home remedies 4074 693 57 Great
restless leg syndrome symptoms 3640 619 183 Great

The sample above shows keyword terms that have the best numbers.
Great question. I hope my example helps you.