I bought the spoilyourdog.org domain. I'm a dog owner and wanted to pick a narrow enough domain and figure that I can post very specific content and products geared toward many things. I have also been thinking like a "is your dog spoiled" quiz, a "spoiled dog of the month" contest, promote luxury dog products and subscription boxes. Maybe pick one micro niche a month to focus on like dog toys, dog furniture, etc. What do u think? Am I going in the right direction?

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AbieAJ Premium Plus

Our findings.

SpoilYourDog dot com
is available for sale
Only $12,500

And it belongs to Garett Thompson at Epik Holdings Inc - there's a chance domain is in sale transaction as privacy is not held on the domain, or may be the case Garett wanted it without privacy. And which it is handled by biix escrow services.

So there's always someone might built on it in the future vs. being parked for sale.

If the case it gets build upon, they may say they've registered theirs in 2020 and yours in 2021. Although is a great domain name, however I think you do not want to build a business and few years down the line (may) land up with a suit.

I would choose another.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
However you ideas as far as a niche.

You may want to find an alternative suitable domain name to house your specific original content.

Here's some tips.

You can use leandomainsearch dot com, you input a word and it gives you another


And a godaddy valuation tool to find a memorable name.

However nowadays domains are not so affected by SEO vs writing quality rich content with good choice of keywords, latter of which would rank you in the search engines.

I would always go for a dot com domain name vs dot net or dot org as people's perceptions when they start typing they would typically assume it is a dot com. And make sure it is spelled correctly as it cannot be edited once purchased.

I would not include dashes and check if the domain is copyrighted, trademarked and ' or registered to an established business.

You can use Jaaxy fo find something suitable and along the metrics would also search if the dot com domain is available

Look for searches (avg.) above 30 and competition (qsr. ) lower than 100, the lower the qsr the better. Starter sites SEO greater than 95.


Hope this helps.
Sandi5674 Premium
I got thespoiledrottendog.com and now I am going to start building that site and continuing my training. Same ideas different domain name. Better?
Apples64 Premium Plus
Great to see another dog lover here. I am also in the DOG Niche as they are my life.

Love the website name Sandi.

jghwebbrand Premium
It is best to buy a dot com website because dot orgs are for organizations, but otherwise your ideas are terrific.

Make sure you use Jaaxy to find keyword phrases for your post titles and content focus to grow your website traffic..
Sandi5674 Premium
There was no .com available. So how should I approach this. Buy a different domain? Suggestions are welcome please
jghwebbrand Premium
Yes, I figured the dot com was gone

. What about using a synonym for spoil.
Would this site give you any ideas.

or this one?

Some may tell you to go with the .org but if it were me and I wanted this site to grow and be around for a long time I would buy a dot com.