I already have a Wordpress site...wondering about the name of my niche not being relevant to what im doing?

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MichelleRitt Premium
If you're still in the beginning phases of your website, where it's still just a siterubix.com site, then you're in luck, because I'm pretty sure you can change the name of your website domain if you are still in that phase of your training.

If you've already gone ahead though and bought a domain name (a .com or .org, no longer a siterubix.com domain) that alludes to a certain niche, but have now changed your mind and want to go with a different niche... Well, you aren't going to be able to change your domain name. You would have to buy a completely different domain name which would reflect your niche.

The other thing that might save you here, if you've already bought a domain name for your website, is if the name is kind of vague and could allude to just about any niche. Perhaps it could just turn into a brand name of sorts for whatever niche of your choosing.

Since the siterubix.com domains are free, a strategy of mine is to just stick with the siterubix.com site and work on building that into something. That way, if I happen to change my mind about my niche down the road (since as a beginner especially, I don't really know exactly what niche sounds best for me yet!), I can easily do so without costing myself.

Hope this helps, and good luck!

DrSDm Premium
I don't think you need a niche related brand name for your website. Amazon is not a niche, still this the website name.

But it'll be a problem if your niche is clothes but your website name is related to health care. That'll not match well. In that case, you can't change a domain name, but you can change your niche by shifting to domain related niche.
Allgood96 Premium
Hi,Just go back as far as you need in t he lessons,step by step will bring you success.
AlexandriaD1 Premium
You'd want to have a site name related to your site's niche. Let's say you're creating a food blog. Would you set up a food-related name (goodfoods.com, yummytummy.com, etc) and your posts are all about blacksmithing?

Hahaha, of course not!

What is your niche btw?
hagstf Premium
A domain name can either be keyword specific that is tied closely to your niche or, it can be brandable such as Google or Amazon.

Hard to give advice though because you didn't mention the age of the site or the type of content it has if any.