Simply put, I chose a niche about twisty puzzles like a Rubik's cube. But now that I got to the money making step, I realised it might not be very profitable. Let's say I get a sale of 10$. If I get 6%, that is 60 cents.
Simply put, 60 cents isn't enough I think. Even If i get ten sales a month, that's what, 6$ ? It just simply doesn't seem like it is worth it to continue and it just feel like I have gotten stuck.

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TheCatherine Premium Plus
or expand your niche to gadgets that make your brain work more .Or teaching your brain to work better. That way you could be a Clickbank affiliate
Dale123 Premium Plus
I have a niche with similar margins however the revenue is bumped up from the fact that most people shopping on Amazon end up adding other items to their cart.

You could always pursue it, gain momentum & launch another site in another niche if you wish :)
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - yes, and if you were to affiliate with Amazon, they only pay 3% on toys. You would need to sell 34 just to make $10! Perhaps you could expand your niche to include electronic puzzle toys, which are a bit more expensive?