Hi Kyle,

I am trying to pick a good niche, and I have somewhat of an Idea of what I want to do still in the early stages of research. I did post this question to the public, and I definitely want to hear their input. But this is a very important part of this step it is crucial so I would also like to ask your guidance personally with this question. . Please read below for the initial question. Thank You for any help!

Hey I had a question. I remember reading a blog post from a member here on WA, and he made an eye opening tactic as far as how to phrase a NICHE. He spoke of broad terms. So instead of something like Kids laptop for a keyword go for Kids Tech which I thought was brilliant!

OK so the question is from a SEO stand point would google still rank you if you have one website but with multiple Niches. Like your top menu tabs would be labeled the niches that you pick. Better than having multiple websites I would think, but will something like that rank.

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Unless you have many comprehensive articles on a particular subject you will not be viewed as an expert. When people want advice they want expert advice.
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The following post answers your question: