I am curious on how to go about the niche I chose.

I submitted a support ticket and I was told to ask a classroom?
So I submitted the question here at the keyword, niche, and market research classroom and I have not gotten a single suggestion?

I chose the adult entertainment niche and I am hesitant about moving forward with it as I do not know how to go about it without offending someone or if there is a specific way I should go about it?

For example, I don't feel right about asking for suggestions or comments on a post about "what is the best adult website"? What if someone under the age of 18 happens to be commenting on people's sites at the time and getts my request?

Can I get some help, please?

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bebekmed Premium
Great idea.
You can use different access level.
When things are getting too hot you can limit the access.
To be sure you can make people pay by credit card otherwise you can ask them to check a box and declare they are over 18.
Many CMS provide this capability. Wordpress, Joomla...
You might need to add some component to do it.
Good luck!
PaulOuellett Premium
Thanks for the heads up.
leoemery Premium Plus
Well first off the WA does not host adult websites so if want to move forward with that niche you would have to host your site elsewhere

And doing so you will not have access to all the hosting options here like a free SSL cert, email and such.

Also you would not be able to access site comments either.

Of course you still would have access to all the training

With that said it can be a very good niche