My question kind of said it all. I’m just worried I wasted my first domain. Can undo and start over? Or should I just roll with it? I feel like we should be advertising products so people will be sent to the websites to by them. I didn’t use product for weight loss it just be an informative page. And I feel it may be a waste of time. I could research products. If they didn’t work it would look bad on me. So could I start over?

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Triblu Premium
Hey Jenifer,

Never consider learning a waste.

Heck, I started 5 different free websites with 5 different niches before I found 2 niches that I could write lost about. Then I registered and created 2 niche sites that I finally realized belonged in 1 website, and so I registered yet another brand new domain and merged the first 2 registered domains that I had created, into the new site.

So, to answer your question, YES you MAY start over. Many of us have done just that so you won't be alone. :-)

This is why we are all advised to pick a niche that we are passionate about.

So, I agree with you that if you are not following your own advice in the weight loss posts you share, it might be best to choose another niche. Hope you find this helpful.